Cremation Services

Cremation and the services which precede or follow are all personal choices. When it comes time, making informed decisions is of the upmost importance.

Choosing cremation does not mean you forfeit your ability to have a traditional funeral mass, burial service, or visitation. It in fact could mean that there are considerably more decisions at hand.  Our Maine licensed funeral directors have over 100 years combined experience counseling families through these choices, whether direct cremation or casketed services. 

Direct Cremation

This term refers to a choice of cremation absent the traditional viewing before final disposition.  But regardless of your plans to be scattered off the Maine coast, be lovingly admired as a family heirloom, or be buried in a family lot, our direct cremation services are provided with uncompromised professionalism and dignity.

Viewing Cremation

Many times family members want to be involved in the cremation. We can ensure that your family is present at the cremation. This option is available for all our complete cremation services. Please ask our staff for further information.

Final Respects

We afford each family the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one before cremation occurs.  During this time any number of meaningful gestures and healing moments occur; placing notes or pictures with the deceased from the grandchildren, a private, silent moment with a spouse, or sharing a cheerful memory which celebrates the life.

Is There A Difference In Care?

Of course there is. Families face a multitude of considerations when choosing with whom to entrust the custody of their loved one.  Your decision towards cremation, direct or otherwise,  should never compromise your expectation of trust, respect, and confidence.  Please,  read our brochure on cremation services. (Depending on your browser, this might require you magnify your view of this page for easier reading)